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License Applications

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You may link directly to applications, registrations and renewal forms listed in the column on the left. These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Reminder - Electrical and Plumbing license registration renewals need to include a copy of the current state issued license. 

General Information
The Licensing Office processes license applications and testing, contractor license registrations and renewals.  

Licensing & Registration
Contractors must be licensed or registered with Regional Building Department before performing any work that requires a permit.

Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical D contractors register licenses issued by the state of Colorado at the Licensing Office of Regional Building Department.

License & Registration Renewals
Renewal Forms are mailed to current licensees and registrants. If there are no outstanding "A" Status permits, the renewal form can be returned by mail or hand delivered.  If returning the renewal form in person, the form is to be signed at the Licensing Office and a picture ID is required. If returning by mail, your signature on the form must be notarized. This is for your protection.

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