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2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910 - Telephone (719) 327-2907

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The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department's Floodplain Management Office provides floodplain management services for Colorado Springs, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake and unincorporated El Paso County.


Services include

Plans Review for proposed alterations & construction
Issuing Floodplain Development Permits
Maintaining local floodplain maps and document
Inspections of approved development
Investigations of floodplain violations
Resolving violations and enforcing regulations
Working with the participating communities
Elevation Certificates are on file for many properties
Flood mitigation evaluation services are available


All proposed alterations or construction on properties located in floodplain areas must be reviewed by the Regional Floodplain Management, and most projects require a Floodplain Development permit. Project examples include new construction, remodeling or additions to existing dwellings or buildings; excavation, fill or extensive landscaping; and installation of fences, roads and bridges.  Call 327-2907 for more information.

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