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Plan Check Policies


Pikes Peak Regional Building requires that all commercial plans to include a "Code Study Form". This form is located in the Downloads section of our website or Click Here. This document must be stamped by the design professional of record. Plans without a Code Study Form will not be checked in at the front counter.


Regional Building requires only one set of plans for all projects. After the plans have been reviewed and released for permit, they are then scanned into our records. The approved hard copy of the plan set is then placed in the “Finished Bin” for the client to pick up and deliver to the job site for construction. PPRBD inspectors will also utilize this hard copy set during inspection visits.


Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requires that each plan set submitted contain no more than one building. A single building per plan package will simplify and expedite the plan review and enumerations process.

  • EXCEPTION: The following projects may include multiple structures on one plan. Under these conditions a common plan is acceptable but separate permits and separate Code Study Forms will be required for each structure.
  • Mini storage facilities of one occupancy group, (office and / or caretakers quarters must be on a separate plan)
  • Convenience store or gas station plans may include a canopy and / or car wash,
  • Any group of buildings that share a common foundation.


When a development consists of multiple buildings, (apartments, townhomes, condominiums, etc.) a single plan set will be required for each different building type. A copy of the development plan must be included with each plan.

EXCEPTION: When two or more buildings on the development are identical, only one plan set, clearly identifying the location of each building, need be submitted for identical buildings. A site plan is required for all buildings.


When the permitted plan set is modified due to field revisions, design changes, or any other reason, Regional Building requires that these changes be “spliced” into the plans so that our records are consistent with the construction taking place.

  • All splice submittals must start at the front counter with a Permit Technician, who will assign the required Plan Review departments based on the extent of revisions made.
  • Two sets of plans are required for ALL splices, whether the splice is walked through the plan review counter or checked in for review. Regional Building will keep one set for scanning and release the other so it may be included with the field set
  • Clearly indicate all revisions made to the plans by clouding or circling the changes. (Please note: Do not Hi-Lite the plans, as it will not appear on the scanned computer images)
  • Regional Building requests that splice submittals include a summary letter that provides a list of all changes made to the plans. This will allow for more splices to meet the walkthrough time criteria listed below and expedite the review process.
  • Splices may be walked through the Plan Review counter only if the review can be completed within the 15 minutes allocated to each customer per discipline, otherwise the splice will be checked in for review.
  • The field set is not required as part of the splice submittal. Plan Reviewers can utilize the previously scanned images in our records to complete the review.