Black Forest Burn Area


RBD Contact � Contact the Black Forest Recovery Specialist assigned to the burn area.

Structure status - placard left on door.

Utilities � Re-energize your structures.

Electric Meter Release

Gas Meter Release

Cleansing process

Wildfire aftermath � health information.

Debris removal - permit information for debris and foundation removal.

Health Department guidelines � rules for debris and foundation removal.

State requirements � for damaged/ destroyed structures.

Vegetation � information on best practices for plant regrowth.�����������������


Living Units � temporary living accommodation.

Plan Submittal � process for obtaining permits.

Building permits � dwellings and outbuildings.

Guidelines for Permits � types, required, cost and possible sequence.

Single Family Dwellings � options for rebuilding your home.

Accessory Use Buildings � garages, sheds, etc.

Code Changes � search tool for changes in code requirement.

Sustainability (optional) � alternate/ renewable energy resources.

Permit activity � permit activity in the Black Forest Burn Area.

El Paso County Development Services � land use code requirements.

Home Page � Land use information.

Special Provisions � Special land use allowances.

County Debris Disposal � On site disposal provisions in conjunction with Health Department Guidelines.

Fire Code Please contact Black Forest Fire Department (719) 495-4300 or Falcon Fire (719) 495-4050.

Utility connections � (link coming soon) fee schedules/ requirements.

Septic System Requirements and Evaluation



License search � search for licensed contractors.

Storm Chasers � a word of caution.

Better Business Bureau � businesses, insurance precautions, and more.


Flood Cleanup and Public Health Information

Flood prevention/insurance