Black Forest Burn Area


RBD Contact Contact the Black Forest Recovery Specialist assigned to the burn area.

Structure status - placard left on door.

Utilities Re-energize your structures.

Electric Meter Release

Gas Meter Release

Cleansing process

Wildfire aftermath health information.

Debris removal - permit information for debris and foundation removal.

Health Department guidelines rules for debris and foundation removal.

State requirements for damaged/ destroyed structures.

Vegetation information on best practices for plant regrowth.


Living Units temporary living accommodation.

Plan Submittal process for obtaining permits.

Building permits dwellings and outbuildings.

Guidelines for Permits types, required, cost and possible sequence.

Single Family Dwellings options for rebuilding your home.

Accessory Use Buildings garages, sheds, etc.

Code Changes search tool for changes in code requirement.

Sustainability (optional) alternate/ renewable energy resources.

Permit activity permit activity in the Black Forest Burn Area.

El Paso County Development Services land use code requirements.

Home Page Land use information.

Special Provisions Special land use allowances.

County Debris Disposal On site disposal provisions in conjunction with Health Department Guidelines.

Fire Code Please contact Black Forest Fire Department (719) 495-4300 or Falcon Fire (719) 495-4050.

Utility connections (link coming soon) fee schedules/ requirements.

Septic System Requirements and Evaluation



License search search for licensed contractors.

Storm Chasers a word of caution.

Better Business Bureau businesses, insurance precautions, and more.


Flood Cleanup and Public Health Information

Flood prevention/insurance