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ICC Testing

This information is being provided to you as a courtesy. You must check with ICC at www.iccsafe.org and\or Pearson VUE at www.pearsonvue.com/icc to verify this information is accurate as the exam content and references may be updated at any time.

Passing an ICC contractor exam is NOT a license to practice and does not guarantee licensing in any jurisdiction. Contact the appropriate building department for specific licensing requirements. To acquire a license to practice, you must apply to the specific building department and meet all of their licensing requirements.

F11 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) 4-hr 90 2015 IBC &
2009 , 2012, or 2015 Concrete
F12 National Standard Building Contractor (B) 4-hr 80 2015 IBC, 2015 IRC &
2009 , 2012, or 2015 Concrete
B-C F13 National Standard Residential Building Contactor (C) 4-hr 80 2015 IRC &
2009 , 2012, or 2015
Concrete Manual
B-E F13 3 National Standard Residential Contractor (C) 4-hr 80 2015 IRC &
2009 , 2012, or 2015
Concrete Manual
D 1(ROOFING) F14 National Standard Roofing Contractor 3-hr 60 2015 IBC & 2015 IPC
D 1(EXTERIORS) F14 National Standard Roofing Contractor 3-hr 60 2015 IBC & 2015 IPC
H-A* F29 National Standard Master Mechanical 4-hr 100 2015 IFGC, 2015 IMC, &
2014 NEC
H-B* W32 2 National Standard Residential Mechanical 3-hr 70 2012 IRC
H-C1 W39 or F33 National Standard Master Gas Pipe Fitter 3-hr 75 2012 IFGC or 2015 IFGC
H-C2 228 Colorado (Denver) Refrigeration Operator 2 ½-hr 50 2015 IMC, 2014 NEC, Modern
Refrigeration & Air
Conditioning, 18th Edition
H-MIV F31 National Standard Journey Mechanical 3-hr 50 2015 IMC, 2015 IFGC, &
2014 NEC

Exams are open book and multiple – choice. Cost for each exam is $110. Before scheduling your, exam, please review the Examination Information Bulletin applicable to the exam you plan to take, which will give you detailed information about the exam process. You will find the Examination Information Bulletin at www.iccsafe.org under the Education & Certification tab.

Registering online for Contractor/Trades examinations is quick and easy, and can be done entirely online if you choose. You may also schedule an examination over the phone by contacting Pearson VUE at 1-877-234-6082.

To register for a computer-based exam, follow these steps:

  • Go to Pearson VUE www.pearsonvue.com/icc
  • Create an account to schedule/purchase, reschedule, or cancel an exam
  • Select ICC Contractors non- authorized exam (PPRBD does not require approval)
  • It will ask you to enter an ICNON ID # (do not enter anything) click ok
  • Select the location for your exam and date
  • Select Add to Cart Select OK and proceed to cart to process payment and checkout for your exam