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  • Electronic Splices are now available to contractors. Go to the plan or permit details to get started.

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  • Permit Information
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  • ✉ Email Specific Departments
    • When ready for an inspection, request it online or call us at 719-327-2880. Please have your permit number ready.
    • Inspection requests received by 8:29 am will be scheduled for that day (M-F). Routes are then determined geographically, rather than by the time they were requested.
    • Your sequence number should be available after 9:00 am. You may look up your sequence using your permit number Here or click Estimated Inspector Arrival on the bottom of our home page.
    • You may request a phone call from your inspector prior to their arrival. You will receive an automated call approximately thirty minutes before they expect to arrive. The call will come from 719-301-4403
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Plan Review Department

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    • While logged into your web account, click the 'Plans' menu, then click 'Electronic Plans'.
    • Click 'New Plan' to start submitting an electronic plan.
    • The plan review page contains links to our currently adopted Building Code, information about submitting plans, and Guidelines and Handouts for both Commercial and Residential projects.
  • Energy Codes Res Check
  • Woodland Park Code
  • Deck Composite Materials Approved by ICC
  • Energy Codes Com Check
  • ✉ Email Specific Departments
  • View All Open Plans
    • Plan images are available for any plans you submitted using your web account.
    • We also have many additional plan images and related documents available online.
    • To find out if plan images are on file for an address, first search for plans Click Here
    • Viewing plan images online requires a subscription account. Prices start at $19.95
    • You may also visit our office and we will load plan images onto a USB flash drive for a $10 fee
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Addressing Forms

  • Public GIS Map
    • Buildings and structures that are now in existence.
    • Buildings and structures proposed to be constructed.
    • Any standalone structure, fencing, retaining walls, gas canopies, free standing signs, temporary trailers, etc. (see construction code for detailed clarification)
    • Address assignments to equipment requiring separate utility services.
    • Secondary addressing of suite/unit numbers-commercial and residential.
    • Address changes/verification of addressing and secondary addressing.
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