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    • When ready for an inspection, request it online or call us at 719-327-2880. Please have your permit number ready.
    • Inspections can be scheduled in advance. Weekdays at 8:30am is the cutoff time for same day inspection scheduling. Routes are then determined geographically, rather than by the time they were requested.
    • Your Estimated Inspector Arrival time is available after 9:00am by looking up your permit number. Times listed are estimates and can change without notice.
    • You may request a phone call from your inspector prior to their arrival. You will receive an automated call approximately sixty minutes before they expect to arrive. The call will come from 719-301-4403.
    • Inspections can be scheduled online or over the phone by the party who purchased the permit. Homeowners cannot schedule an inspection if a contractor has pulled the permit. To request an inspection ONLINE, login to your web account, lookup your permit under the Permits menu and click Request Inspection on the permit details page.
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Plan Review Department

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Addressing Forms

  • Public GIS Map
    • Buildings and structures that are now in existence.
    • Buildings and structures proposed to be constructed.
    • Any standalone structure, fencing, retaining walls, gas canopies, free standing signs, temporary trailers, etc. (see construction code for detailed clarification)
    • Address assignments to equipment requiring separate utility services.
    • Secondary addressing of suite/unit numbers-commercial and residential.
    • Address changes/verification of addressing and secondary addressing.

Current Plan Review Status

Current Plan Review Status

For plan review status of agencies outside of PPRBD,
please contact them directly.

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Submittal Processing Reviewing Plans From: Total Plan Queue
Electronic Plan Triage 9/21/2023 122
Plan Review Department Reviewing Plans From: Total Plan Queue
Enumeration 9/26/2023 5
Construction 9/13/2023 142
Mechanical 9/14/2023 21
Plumbing 9/21/2023 1
Electrical 9/1/2023 98
Elevators 9/26/2023 1
Last updated 9/26/2023 at 9:00 PM, refreshes approximately every hour