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Hazards on Construction Sites

The following is an Administrative Ruling to protect Pikes Peak Regional Building inspectors and staff from potential injuries and fatalities caused by hazards on construction sites.

CANCELLATION OF INSPECTIONS — Inspectors are authorized to cancel an inspection if the site is deemed too dangerous to access by vehicle or on foot and\or the specific inspection area is hazardous and cannot be inspected without risking injury.

Builders and contractors have a responsibility to provide safe access to the inspection and general construction site. Dangerous conditions are defined, but not limited to, OSHA regulations governing construction sites.

When a site is deemed hazardous, the inspector will cancel the inspection and assess a trip fee. The inspection must be requested after the site is made safe and the trip fee has been paid.

Reports of unsafe sites will be forwarded to the Building Official who may choose to contact the permit holder, builder or contractor, and report violations of OSHA regulations.