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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any projects to do right now. Can I put my license on hold without having to retest and pay my license fee?

If you let your license expire for longer than six months, retesting and reapplication may be required. To avoid retesting, you must pay your annual license fee. However, you may cancel your liability and\or workers compensation insurance if you are not performing any work that requires a permit.

Who can renew the contractor’s license?

Only the currently listed examinee is able to renew the contractor’s license. Renewals may be done online using the contractor web account or using the paper renewal form. If using the paper renewal form, the form MUST be notarized if the examinee is not signing the form in front of RBD staff. Once notarized, forms may be emailed, faxed, mailed, or delivered to our office

Do I need a license to be a handyman?

It depends on the type of work you do. Painting, tiling, flooring, cabinetry, dry wall replacement, and fixture replacements are most often considered cosmetic work and do not require a permit or a license. Please call the permit counter at 719-327-2883 to verify if a permit is required. Handymen that do have licenses, typically apply for the Building Contractors E (Maintenance & Remodeling) license. This license allows the contractor to install, repair or replace decks, patio covers, detached sheds, detached garages, detached workshops, basement finishes, and interior nonstructural remodels.

How long does it take to get a license issued and why?

The entire PPRBD licensing process takes approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on which deadline you meet. You must have all the requirements met at least three weeks prior to the Licensing Committee. State of Colorado licenses are registrations and are issued immediately when all requirements have been met.

I have a license in another jurisdiction, do you reciprocate that license?

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department does not reciprocate any licenses from other building departments. Each department has its own licensing requirements and may not be comparable to ours.

Is there a way to speed up the licensing process?

No, unfortunately there is not. Our code requires license requests to be published in a local newspaper at least two weeks prior to issuance, and we have a number of steps we have to take prior to issuing a license. These steps make an “expedited” license impossible

What does the $50 application fee cover?

The application fee is a $50, nonrefundable fee that includes the following: application processing and the criminal background check

Do I need to turn in original documents?

No, all documents may be faxed to 719-327-2951, emailed to Licensing@pprbd.org, mailed to 2880 International Circle, Colorado Springs CO 80910, or dropped off in person in our office. If notarization is required, be sure that the notary information and seal is visible.

I have already taken a building department test for another jurisdiction. Do I still have to test again?

We do not accept other building department tests because the content of those tests are unknown and may not be similar to ours. However, we do accept the ICC standard tests. See below.

Do you accept the International Code Council test in place of your test?

We accept the following tests for the following license types:

Bldg Contractor A-1 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) 204 (03) 614 (06) N11 (09) W11 (12) F11 (15)
Bldg Contractor A-2 National Standard General Building Contractor (A) 204 (03) 614 (06) N11 (09) W11 (12) F11 (15)
Bldg Contractor B-1 National Standard Building Contractor (B) 205 (03) 615 (06) N12 (09) W12 (12) F12 (15)
Bldg Contractor B-2 National Standard Building Contractor (B) 205 (03) 615 (06) N12 (09) W12 (12) F12 (15)
Bldg Contractor C Bldg Contractor C 206 (03) 616 (06) N13 (09) W13 (12) F13(15)
Bldg Contractor E National Standard Residential Contractor (C) C) 206 (03) 616 (06) N13 (09) W13 (12) F13(15)
Bldg Contractor D-1 (Roofing) National Standard Roofing Contractor 764 (06) N14 (09) W14 (12) F14 (15)
Mech Contractor A National Standard Master Mechanical 815 (03) 670 (06) N29 (09) W29 (12) F29 (15)
Mech Contractor B National Standard Residential Mechanical l N32 (09) W32 (12)
Mech Contractor C-1 National Standard Mas Gas Pipe Fitter N33 (09)
Mech Contractor C-2 Colorado (Denver) Refrigeration Operator 228 (15)
Mech IV National Standard Journey Mechanical N31 (09) W31 (12) F31 (15)

Do I have to come into the Licensing Committee meeting to request my license?

Once your file is complete, staff will review the contents to determine if we need further information to evaluate your qualifications, knowledge and experience. Some license requests are placed on the consent calendar and an appearance at the committee is not required. Other license requests will require an appearance before the committee. If your appearance is required, staff will call you to notify you.

What are the requirements for insurance?

A certificate of insurance for liability is required for all contractors performing work. Required minimum levels are listed in the 2017 Pikes Peak Regional Building Code in section RBC 201.7. A certificate of insurance for workers’ compensation is also required if the contractor has any employees and is not exempt from the Colorado State Statute requirements. If the contractor is exempt, you must provide documentation from the State of Colorado. When providing certificates of insurance, Pikes Peak Regional Building Department is required to be listed as the certificate holder. We do not need to be listed as additionally insured. Certificates of insurance may be emailed, faxed, mailed, or hand delivered by either the insurance agency or the contractor themselves.


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