Welcome to the new PPRBD website.


What to expect

  • New look and feel to the entire site
  • Easier navigation and menus
  • Improved mobile functionality - Mobile phone and tablet friendly
  • Cleaner and easier to read page layouts

New look, same functionality

If you have gotten familiar with our current website, not much will change. Although the web sites appearance will change considerably, the way you get things done will not.

Pulling a permit, accessing plans, submitting plans electronically will all be the same process you have gotten used to. We have moved some of the menus and text boxes around to make things easier to read and more friendly to navigate.

Some highlights about the changes

The home page

The most noticable and first thing you will see is our new home page. From here, you will be able to more easily navigate to nearly any part of the website.

homepage homepage

Sign In with your web account

The way you sign into our site has not changed. You will see the same username and password boxes on the right side of the page. If you had your username and password saved (auto login), you may need to set that up again once the site is updated.

homepage homepage

My Account menu

When you are signed into your web account, you will have a 'My Account' menu on the top right hand side of the page at all times. From here, you can update your account information and payment information, sign out or go to your web account home page.

homepage homepage

Departments menu

Throughout the website, you have a departments menu on the top of the page. From here, you can directly navigate to any of our department home pages.


Help information and Support

On many pages throughout the site, you will see a ? icon that links to additional help related to the page you are on. The new E-mail icon seen on many pages is a link to contact support or submit questions.

homepage homepage

Mobile Friendly

Our website will now adjust to the type of device you are viewing it on. Below is what the homepage will look like when viewing from a mobile phone.


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Our website is changing! March 8, 2018 - More Info Coming Soon!